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Welcome to Department of Information & Cultural Affairs

The Information and Cultural Affairs Department is the nodal agency for maintaining effective communication and act as a bridge between the government and the masses for building a harmonious society. Its two wings – Information and Culture, act like two vehicles to proceed towards this goal. When the power of information gives empowerment to the people, cultural exchanges cement the human bonds thus strengthening the fabric of the state. News Bureau, Publication section and Rural Publicity centralized at the Directorate with their decentralized units at Block, Sub-division and District level, are the prime machineries to disseminate different types of information to the media as well as public. And cultural diversity of the state is widely promoted through the Culture wing by organizing various festivals and fairs, street drama, workshops, seminar and so on in which Loka Ranjan Sakhas and local cultural organizations play a vital role. Both the wings of the department come together at one point to play a concerted role in the mission.

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