About Us

Department was created with the objective of proper communication between the government and the masses and toact as Nazrul.jpg a bridge between these two sides. It has been acting as the nodal agency in the field of information, cultural affairs and tourism implementing various projects for their development. It has also been conveying the message of the government to the people and taking the opinion of the people to the government. So, wide measures have been taken towards expansion of information service up to the remotest corners of the state. In addition, development of culture of different castes and communities and development of tourism infrastructure to attract the tourists are the priority areas of the ICAT Department. Equal emphasis is being given on all the three wings of the department to ensure a balanced development and achievement.


Departmental Infrastructure:-



  1. Directorate Office at Gandhighat, Agartala.

  2. 8 District Offices at:-

    i. DICA Office, West Tripura



    ii. DICA Office, Sepahijala (0381)-2867331
    iii. DICA Office, Gomati, Udaipur (0382)-222243
    iv. DICA Office, South Tripura, Belonia (03823)-2222115
    v. DICA Office, North Tripura, Dharmanagar (03822)-232112
    vi. DICA Office, Unakoti, Kailasahar (03824)-222269
    vii. DICA Office, Dhalai, Ambasa (03826)-267208
    viii. DICA Office, Khowai (03825)-222238
  3. 16 Sub-Divisional ICAT Office at –
    West South Dhalai North
    i. Sadar i. Belonia i.  Ambasa i. Dharmanagar
    ii. Mohanpur ii. SantirBazar ii. Kamalpur ii. Kanchanpur
    iii. Jirania iii. Sabroom iii. Gandacharra  
        iv. Longtharai Velly  
    Khowai Sepahijala Unakoti Gomati
    i. Khowai i. Bishalgarh i. Kailasahar i. Udaipur
    ii. Teliamura ii. Sonamura ii. Kumarghat ii. Amarpur
  4. Block ICAT Offices at –
    i. Satchand
    ii. Rupaichari
    iii. Mohanpour
    iv. Jampuijala
    v. Jirania
  5. Information Centre - 69
  6. Multi- Cultural Centre – 2

    1. Nazrul Kalakshetra, Agartala
    2. Rabindra Convention Centre, Agartala

      *Multi - Cultural Centre will be set up at Udaipur, Khowai, Sonamura, Kailashahar.